Analysis of Design and Development Documents

Senior Living communities are not licensed or regulated by any federal or national agency, but by state entities.  As such, there are literally 50 sets of criteria to license and operate assisted living and memory care communities.

Along with this truth is that, as with everything else, change happens.  States adopt amendments and revisions to the criteria for licensing and regulating these communities.

SDG’s President, John Gonzales, has over 34 years of experience in the senior living industry, successfully licensing and operating independent, assisted living and memory care communities in over 30 states, and providing consulting services for many more.

During the course of his career, Mr. Gonzales has established and maintained relationships with industry colleagues and connections.  This vast network of senior living professionals provides SDG with valuable information, resource and updates on each state’s regulations and licensing criteria.

Starting in 2013, SDG was approached to provide consulting services to an architectural firm designing senior living communities for a large developer.  The engagement was driven by the development/ownership group as a hedge against having any problems during the state licensing process.   

Since that time, SDG has provided this service for numerous projects and firms in multiple states, reviewing Design Development and Construction documents and state regulations/licensing criteria to ensure compliance.  This review also includes recommendations for potential changes to the design for operational efficiency.

The end goal is to produce an “ALL CLEAR” report to the architectural firm to corroborate the soundness of the project and its compliance with all licensing criteria, information on pending changes to this criteria, waivers, etc. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our services may be of value to you and your organization.

Competitive Analysis

Detailed competitive reviews on all senior housing communities in client market area, including rate analysis, physical plant and services comparison; SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

Rate Analysis

Detailed analysis of charges vs. services provided including strategies and recommendations for increasing employee productivity, maximizing revenue and realizing operating efficiencies.

Pre-Opening Marketing and Sales

Pre-opening positioning, marketing and sales efforts are critical. A strong campaign should result in 35-40% pre-leased units. Creating and executing tasks prior to opening can make a significant difference in attaining or exceeding year 1 and beyond financial expectations. From identification and building relationships with the area’s key referral sources, impactful ad campaigns and execution of targeted and effective marketing events, SDG is highly experienced in designing, overseeing and executing these critical services.

Turn-Around Projects

Everything doesn’t always go as planned for a variety of reasons. SDG is adept at identifying operational and sales problems and correcting them. Repositioning, implementing strategies for improving performance and increasing staff production and efficiency are critical elements of our turn around programs. Gauging staff engagement, resident and family satisfaction and fiscal performance establishes our baseline from which improvements can be measured.

Training and Coaching

SDG’s offers well-established and highly impactful training programs for key managers and front line staff. Major topics include, Leadership in Senior Living, Emotional Stupidity/Intelligence/Ignorance, and 5 Star Customer Service in Senior Living. These programs parallel the successful training programs in use by Disney, Starbucks, Four Seasons Hotels and other companie know for there high standards of customer satisfaction, tailored for the senior living industry.